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6 Inch Junior Rodsaw Blade with Pins

6 Inch Junior Rodsaw Blade with Pins
6 Inch Junior Rodsaw Blade with Pins 6 Inch Junior Rodsaw Blade with Pins
Brand: Amazing Products
Product Code: RODTC6J.LS
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6 Inch Junior Tungsten Carbide Grit Edge Rod Saw Blade with Pins

These Rodsaw Blades Will Fit Any Standard 6 inch Hacksaw / Tile Saw Frame


Cuts Like Diamond at A Fraction Of The Cost

Benefits : Self Sharpening blades: Cut on both strokes : No teeth to snag or dull

Tungsten Carbide Grit Blades Are For Cutting Through The Toughest Of Materials To Cut, Whilst They will Cut Soft Materials Like Softwoods and Mild Steel They Are Much Better On Tougher Stuff , You Will Not Believe How Fast And Easy These Blades Cut Through Tough Abrasive Materials

Such As:

Chipboard, Ceramic Tile, MDF, Brick, Cement, Concrete, Hardened Tool Steel (Rc 42-65), Nitride Case & Induction Hardened Steel, Hastelloy, High Temp Nickel & Iron Base Super alloys, Beryllium, Sintered Tungsten, Molybdenum,Iron, Gray Cast Iron, Brick, Titanium, White & High Alloy Cast Iron, Foamed Glass, Syntactic Foam, Low Density Ceramics, Green Unfired Cement, Fiberglass Honeycomb, Fibre Reinforced Cement, Polyesters, Epoxies, Graphite Composites,Plasterboard / Drywall, Laminated Flooring, Hardwoods, Hardwood Flooring.Composites and composite Boards.

Blades Can be wire brushed clean to increase lifespan

Who uses our  Blades?

Professionals DIY and Remodellers, Tile Installers, Construction Workers, Engineers, Plumbers, Electricians, Air Conditioning Engineers, Kitchen Fitters, Masons, Composite Manufacturers and users such as Fiberglass Boat Builders and Auto Body Kit Manufacturers, Component testers, Aerospace Industry, Graphite Industry,Insulation manufacturers, Woodworking.

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